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THE rebirth

Welcome to the New Renaissance

 Let’s bridge the digital and the physical world

RMRK x Michelangelo Labs

Auction has finished! 

All 20 Limited edition custom Kanaria statues have been auctioned off.

— 55cm (22in) wingspan, accompanying tabletop version, free shipping in custom damage-proof container, Harberger Tax profit from SkybreachNFT, up to 30% goes to Ukraine, and much more 

Kanaria sculpture, RMRK, Michelangelo Labs, 3D print
BAYC, Bored ape, 3D print, Sculpure, Zeneca

The Blossoming

We believe NFT and crypto are the catalysts for blossoming of art, science and technology. They will and are already having a profound impact on society as we know it.
How to whitelist dear apprentices? Your first step is to ensure you sign up for our Substack and follow us on Twitter.

Bored ape Yacht Club sculpture side Zeneca

First phase

The First edition represents the first phase of our endeavor to bring NFTs to the physical world and raise them to the status of legitimate art. The launch will include gallery exhibitions in New York during NFT.NYC 2022. The edition will consist of 200 unique Sculptures, reservations for which will be via a whitelist, coming soon.

Back of the NFT Sculpture BAYC


Our goal is to evolve the NFT space and provide a gateway to mainstream adoption. The added benefit of global visibility for each of our sculptures adds value to the digital and physical connection of the NFT.

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