We are the NFT sculptors

The first high-end, 3D-printing, master fine art makers

The Rebirth of Art

Let’s bridge the digital and the physical world.

First Edition Sculptures
BAYC, Bored ape, 3D print, Sculpure, Zeneca

The Blossoming

We believe NFT and crypto are the catalysts for blossoming of art, science and technology. They will and are already having a profound impact on society as we know it.
Become a part of the New Renaissance and order your Sculpture today

Bored ape Yacht Club sculpture side Zeneca

First Edition

30/200 Sculptures sold.
The First Edition represents the first phase of our endeavor to bring NFTs to the physical world and raise them to the status of legitimate art. The launch will include gallery exhibitions in New York during NFT.NYC 2022.
The edition will consist of 200 unique Sculptures.

Back of the NFT Sculpture BAYC


Our goal is to evolve the NFT space and provide a gateway to mainstream adoption:
- First Edition of 200 Sculptures
- Exhibits in galleries
- Launch of unique Art Patron NFTs connected to each Sculpture
- Launch of Journeyman NFT for the Art Community

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is an NFT Sculpture?
Michelangelo Labs creates unique fine art pieces based on NFTs. Our Art Workshop comes up with a 3D design, taking a picture and bringing it into the third dimension, ready to be printed, painted and finished.

  How big are the Sculptures?
We will generally build each Sculpture to be around 50-60cm (20-23in) in either width or height. Along with their aluminum base they will weight around 8-10kg (16-20lb)

  How can I order a Michelangelo Labs Sculpture?
The process is simple and done through our Order form. The form will ask you for information necessary to make a delivery and also a copy of your NFT, as well as the wallet that has the NFT in question. We only create Sculptures for owners of particular NFTs. After making the order you will receive an email after the team evaluates it. If you have any questions, our community team will gladly answer anything in our Discord server.

  How much is a Sculpture?
A single fine art Sculpture made by Michelangelo Labs’ Art Workshop is 20.000 USD, paid in USDC.

  How long does it take for a Sculpture to be delivered?
While it depends on our workload and the complexity of the piece, the average time of delivery is 1-2 months after the order is completed. Remember, there will be only 200 First Edition Sculptures. Ever.

  Do I have to pay for delivery?
Delivery of each Sculpture is included in the price. However, due to varying taxes, tariffs and laws concerning imports, buyers must pay for customs duty as dictated by their country.

  How do you guys make the Sculptures?
We utilize a variety of 3D-printing technologies and techniques to make the best out of every Sculpture. Our artists create highly detailed 3D models and then print them using an array of 3D printers. The printed pieces are then sanded and prepared for painting. They are spray-painted in much the same way vehicles are, using high quality paints.

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